The terms of this contract are as follows: Merkez Mh. Seckin Sk. No: 2-4 / AD 138 Kagithane Istanbul / TURKEY resident at the address and the address in R & D, national / international sales and marketing activities, accounting and billing services, call center and conducts online support service activities, Eyup 6,200,666,437 for the IRS is registered with the tax number of MEZ BİLİŞİM A.Ş. (Hereinafter referred to as “KriptoWeb”), KriptoWeb was accepted among third parties who will open an account on CryptoWeb by purchasing their products and services, and then they will be taken as customers. All disputes that may arise between the parties shall be resolved within the framework of the following provisions. If Customer breaches these general terms, KriptoWeb may seize, suspend, suspend customer accounts, suspend customer services indefinitely or indefinitely, and cancel the contract.

This contract has been put into force as of the date of electronic exercise between KriptoWeb and the Client. This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the use of the Domain Name Allocation / Registration service that Customer provides or will provide through CryptoWeb and covers the terms of the final agreement between Customer and CryptoWeb as well as the General Terms of Service. Following the signature / acceptance / approval of the said contract in the virtual environment, the Customer shall read, understand and understand the Agreement, the Agreement and the General Provisions of the KriptoWeb Service Agreement as a whole, in addition to the agreement, as well as the non-divisible whole. Authorized Registry Operator’s whole transfer and dispute resolution policy and all records in this Agreement, including additional or different registrations, terms and policies, including any updates or modifications to CriptoWeb’s domain name www.kriptoweb.com from time to time. and to adhere to the conditions and to comply with all terms and conditions.

Customer and KriptoWeb acknowledge that the only person authorized to make savings during and after the allocation is the customer in terms of the domain name allocated to the customer. However, it is on the acceptance of the parties that the authorized person is only the person / persons authorized to represent and bind the company. In addition to the transactions made by the customer or authorized persons in the customer’s account, the domain name or e-mail passwords, user information, other personal data, Representative, employees, call center officials, remote support teams can be used by KriptoWeb employees or 3. the person to which he or she agrees to provide indirect customer service, or by a third party acting as a representative, who can prove to be a strong representative of the Client or a legal representative of the client, or who is convinced that the Client is a first-degree blood or health relative; and You agree that your account that you have established in terms of domain names assigned to it through CryptoWeb, or any person using the domain name or passwords, is bound by the transactions to be performed in the interest of the Customer or not.

Customer acknowledges that both KriptoWeb and the Authorized Registry Operator are bound by the rules set by it. The Client is responsible for the regulatory actions of the ICTA (Information Technologies and Communications Authority) and the Access Providers Association, the ICANN – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and / or the Registration Authority selected by ICANN. to comply with the registration and requirements and the relevant legislation, complaints to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and to comply with the decisions of the arbitrator / arbitral tribunal issued as a result of these complaints; accepts that you may make changes to this contract.


In return for the services and products purchased by the Customer and provided to the Customer by KriptoWeb (ip services Kr), the Customer; He accepts to pay at the time he requests the service from KriptoWeb. Payment is made by the Customer in one of the following ways: a valid credit card, wire transfer and EFT.

Timely payments, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in terms of the US Dollar payments to be made through the foreign exchange currency sales should be carried out dry. When the domain registration service is purchased, CryptoWeb, if for any reason, is unable to collect the full cost of the services provided from the customer, or if he / she is faced with any inconvenience about the payment made to him / her for any fees already charged (eg stolen credit card payments). Client acknowledges that KriptoWeb is aware of all administrative, procedural, judicial and criminal remedies available to collect the payment.

Customer; shopping with a stolen credit card is the only option that will be tracked by KriptoWeb to provide an effective payment, even if the transaction with a stolen credit card is a single transaction, and is not limited to these measures; acknowledges that all names and all other services and goods that are received, including the Customer’s registration, can be canceled, terminated, terminated, without any indemnity, without any indemnity. and undertakes.

KriptoWeb reserves the right to charge a reasonable service fee at all times for purposes other than the scope of its regular services and for additional services or claims. These include, but are not limited to, customer service issues that may not be settled by e-mail and that require personal service, disputes that require special services, or legal consultancy, which CryptoWeb has had to take in respect of the Customer. Services are. These collections will be invoiced as accurately as possible to the Payment Method registered in Customer’s CryptoWeb.

Domain Name Time Extensions

When a domain name is allocated to the customer – the time extension in respect of the domain name mentioned when it is registered on the customer name can be in two ways only. The first one is the customer’s direct debit authorization and the other is that the customer extends the domain name from the customer panel. KriptoWeb domain name cannot make any commitment to the customer in terms of time extension.

If, for any reason, CryptoWeb does not receive payment from the Payment information registered in the Customer’s information or if the Customer does not acknowledge that CryptoWeb has received payment, the Customer domain name registration will expire unless the Customer does not respond to the notifications made by CryptoWeb.

If the customer is shopping with a credit card, he / she has to keep the Payment Method information up to date, which includes credit card information, expiry date information in the systems of KriptoWeb.

When the domain name duration is in non-extendable status, the Customer may extend the domain name by calling CryptoWeb and forwarding the domain name. The duration of the domain name cannot be corrected by the relevant Customer Manager without the customer instructions. If the Customer does not apply the time extension before the domain expiration date, the domain name will be canceled and will no longer be able to use this domain name. Customer acknowledges that KriptoWeb shall not be liable for the cancellation of domain names that are not automatically extended within the time periods specified in this Agreement. The length of the extension of the domain extension is not at the discretion of KriptoWeb, but if the period is not extended, the CUSTOMER cannot go under the responsibility of KriptoWeb regardless of the name and account. In any event, additional fees may apply if the domain name is not extended in time. The Client declares and undertakes that he will not request a refund for these fees. If the customer receives a domain name masking, domain name routing, or a similar service from the CryptoWeb with the domain registration service, the Customer acknowledges and declares that the expiration of the other services that the Customer receives with the expiration of the domain registration period.

Customer agrees, declares and undertakes that CryptoWeb may automatically extend or erase the duration of expired domain name of the Customer, depending on its discretion, unless the client extends the period of the domain name in the time periods specified in this Agreement.

KriptoWeb offers the right to delete campaign names with discount, free or other product and service related benefits at the expiration of the domain name (promised free, discounted, campaign period), if the customer does not extend the period within the period granted to him / her. reserves

If the CryptoWeb decides to extend the expiry of the expired domain name of the Customer, CryptoWeb will retain a Time Extension Influence to which the Client can pay to KriptoWeb, as it protects and expands the Customer’s domain name. Time Extension Influence varies by domain name extensions and is applied between 1 and 30 days at CryptoWeb decision and initiative.

After the domain name expires, issuance of the Time Extension Agent does not apply to all domain extensions. It is not possible for the customer to claim that he has not been recognized and / or given sufficient time in terms of his or her domain name.

If the Customer does not make a payment to KriptoWeb during the time extension, the domain name will be given to KriptoWeb and a reimbursement or late renewal fee determined by KriptoWeb, or by any other name, by paying the service and / or processing fee. After receiving a payment period of 1 to 30 days, the customer will be put on hold and marked for deletion. The buy-back fee is between 40 USD and 500 USD according to the domain name extension. If the Customer does not make a payment for the domain name before the end of the 1 to 30 day payment period, CryptoWeb may delete the Customer’s domain name or accept the possibility that the Client’s account may have been transferred to another person.

If the Customer’s domain name is deleted, the Central Registration Operator provides a 1 to 30 day Payment Engine to the Customer to recover the domain name by paying a refund to KriptoWeb. The rollback fee is between 40USD and 500USD based on the domain name extension. In the event that payment is not made for your domain before the end of the Payment Agent, the Customer agrees and undertakes in advance that the domain name will be released and that the first one will be open to the registration of the first person.

Time Extension Users and Payment Agents may vary by domain name extensions.


The term of this Agreement shall be effective in full, strong and effective manner as long as the customer registers the domain name through CryptoWeb. Customer acknowledges that any domain name registered through CryptoWeb may not transfer another domain name to the Register Operator within the first sixty (60) days after the start of the registration.

Customer acknowledges that KriptoWeb may make changes or updates from time to time in this Agreement. KriptoWeb may, however, stop the services provided under this Agreement. The Customer agrees to be bound by any reasonable changes to this Agreement by KriptoWeb under such changes. If Customer chooses to cancel his contract with KriptoWeb, he is informed that he will not receive any refunds to KriptoWeb.


Customer acknowledges that it will notify KriptoWeb within two (2) working days of any information as part of the application and / or registration process changes. It is the Client’s responsibility to maintain this information in an up-to-date and correct manner. For whatever reason, your inability to provide accurate and accurate information to CryptoWeb initially and continuously means a substantial violation of this Agreement. The failure to respond to any question to the customer by KriptoWeb for any reason whatsoever, in the first two (2) days to determine the validity of the information provided by the Client means a material violation of this Agreement. In any event, the Client agrees to keep a copy of the purchase record of the domain name. Customer agrees to provide the following contact data for each domain name registered on it: if the registered domain name owner will be contacted with his or her mail address, e-mail address, telephone number and fax number, if applicable; and if the registered domain is different from the owner, the same contact information must be provided by the technical authority, the administrative authority and the payment authority.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that these contact information to be shared with the registration operator is required for domain name registration. ICANN’s information may be required to be publicly available through Whois, and the registration operator must keep this information publicly through Whois. Both the KriptoWeb and the registration operator can archive this information with a trusted third party. In this way, the customer gives consent and consent to all these needs and notifications.

Customer acknowledges that for each registered domain name, the following information will be publicly listed in the designated Whois directory in accordance with the ICANN Policy and may be used for commercial purposes as a whole, as specified in the ICANN contract, and may be sold, sold in a catalog.

• Domain

• Name and E-Mail

• E-Mail, post adress, telephone and fax numbers for technical and administrative communications

• Internet Protocol Numbers for Primary and Secondary Name Servers

• Name Servers’ names and

• Original Registration and expiration date

Customer acknowledges that the publicly available information provided in the domain name registration process may be used by KriptoWeb within the scope of ICANN’s permission.

In order to comply with both current and future rules and policies regarding the domain name systems, the customer also gives KriptoWeb the right to disclose the following information to third parties through its database in an interactive and public manner.

i. Domain name or subdomain name(s) registered by the customer

ii. Name, type, and postal address of your organization

iii. Name (s), position (s), postal address (s), e-mail address (s), voice telephone, of administrative and technical personnel for your domain (s) or sub-domain (s) number (s) and fax number (s), if any.

iv. For your domain or subdomain, at least two (2) name server hosts (one primary and at least one secondary) all host names and Internet protocol addresses can be specified in the name server.

vi. the names of these name servers

vi. the original date of the recording and

vii. deadline

It may be necessary for KriptoWeb to make this or all other information available to third parties. However, the discretion of KriptoWeb may be transferred or transferred to a third party. Although this information is provided by the official and administrative authorities, it is within the Customer’s knowledge that the 3rd Persons and institutions that claim the unlawful content claims are shared by KriptoWeb without any obligation to provide information to the Customer and subject to their consent. In the event that Customer gives false information regarding the said records, Customer is responsible, notified and committed by the Client for all material and moral damages.



The Customer acknowledges that KriptoWeb is affiliated with the uş Dispute Resolution Policy ”that is currently available.

The CUSTOMER agrees that CriptoWeb may make changes to the ”Dispute Resolution Policy“ from time to time. Any amendment to CriptoWeb on the yer Dispute Resolution Policy bir on the Internet shall be deemed to be effective. The Customer and CryptoWeb agree that after the updated policy comes into force, the Client agrees to retain the Kr Dispute Resolution Policy mış which has been amended by maintaining the domain name registration service received from KriptoWeb. The Customer agrees to review the website of the CryptoWeb on a regular basis in order to be informed of the changes in the etmek Conflict Resolution Policy Müşteri. If Customer cancels the Agreement with KriptoWeb due to the changes made in the ve Dispute Resolution Policy Web, the Client agrees and declares that he will not be reimbursed any refunds. If a dispute arises with respect to one (1) or more domain names registered with CryptoWeb, the Customer shall exclude CryptoWeb from the charges against him and as such, he shall defend it and compensate for any damages incurred. CUSTOMER, however, with regard to the domain name registered with the CryptoWeb for the domain name, KriptoWeb, the administrative, judicial, criminal authorities, or if an accusation comes from the law enforcement agencies, the discretion of CryptoWeb, at its discretion, until the dispute is resolved. to control, suspend, suspend, prevent access, discontinue the content, and block URL in case of alleged infringement of claims made by individuals and institutions in accordance with the demands, actions and decisions of the said institutions and organizations. may take all measures, and / or assign any act as to assign. In such a case, the Customer agrees that he cannot be held liable for any notification or action performed by KriptoWeb.


If the Customer assigns any domain name, he / she agrees to adhere to the terms and procedures specified in the CryptoWeb’s Domain Name Transfer Agreement and to provide the necessary information. The last version of the Domain Name Transfer Agreement can be viewed on the KriptoWeb website.

If the Customer acquires a domain name for a third party, the Customer agrees that CryptoWeb is an accredited registrar at ICANN and will inform its customers that they have registered their domain name via CryptoWeb, primarily through the services provided by KriptoWeb. As a matter of fact, the ICANN accepts, declares and undertakes to comply immediately with the decisions of the arbitrator / arbitral tribunal issued by the ICANN rules and the WIPO in terms of complaints concerning the domain name disputes.

For additional terms and records not requested by KriptoWeb, you agree that the Customer shall not contradict these terms and conditions with the business procedures and policies adopted by KriptoWeb’s Domain Name Registration Agreement and Authorized Register Operator.

CUSTOMER is obliged to provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information to the Whois database in accordance with ICANN requirements, for each domain name it records.

Once a corrected or renewed information has been delivered to the customer, the Customer will provide this information to KriptoWeb within two (2) working days, thus renewing its registration data in KriptoWeb. The Customer is responsible for the failure to renew the said information.


In addition to the other matters specified in this Agreement, the Customer accepts the following items.

I. Your ability to use any of the services provided by KriptoWeb is subject to the suspension or cancellation in the event of a breach of this Agreement and / or the suspension or cancellation required by any policy which is in force or subsequently adopted by the Authorized Registry Operator.

ii. Any domain name registration is based on the criteria or policy adopted by ICANN and / or the Authorized Registry Operator, or any KriptoWeb procedure that does not show any inconsistency with ICANN-adopted criteria or policies; or (b) the correction of errors by KriptoWeb, the resolution of disputes relating to any domain name, transfer, suspension and cancellation.

In the event that Customer does not fully comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any CryptoWeb rules and policies set forth by KriptoWeb, such breach shall be deemed to be a material breach of the Agreement and any such breach of CryptoWeb shall be (eg E-mail). In the event that the Customer does not provide CriptoWeb with substantial evidence that it has not violated its obligations within ten (10) business days, Natro may terminate its relationship with its customer and apply appropriate legal remedies to the customer under the applicable legislation. Such a route can be implemented without notice to Customers, which may include, but are not limited to, the cancellation of the customer’s domain names and the cessation of services provided by CryptoWeb to Customers. Customers are not refunded due to the interruption, cessation or cancellation of the services due to the infringement.


Customer agrees not to use or allow others to use the services offered by KriptoWeb for:

• Unwanted e-mail transmission (spam); and • High-volume queries (such as domain availability, etc.) repetitive to any service provided by KriptoWeb.

If the client hosts the domain name, domain name servers (DNS) on the CryptoWeb Servers, or uses the system to route a domain name, the URL, or otherwise it contains a site or a system, or if there is a domain name registered via CryptoWeb, the In order not to overload the DNS system. Customer, KriptoWeb’s servers, domain name, as a source, as a vehicle, to answer the address or as a destination address for mail bombing, Internet packet flooding, packet spoil, etc. can not use for. Server hacking or other crimes against security vulnerabilities are prohibited. If the activities caused by the customer’s site are perceived as threatening the balance of the network, KriptoWeb reserves the right to disable this domain name and to stop the service indefinitely.

Customer acknowledges that KriptoWeb may refuse to approve registration of any domain name, with no discretion or liability to the customer. However, KriptoWeb may, at its sole discretion, delete any domain name registration within the first thirty (30) days of registration, without any obligation to the customer. In addition, if a name is integrated with unwanted or morally inconvenient activities, KriptoWeb may cancel the registration of the domain name. Some of the morally objectionable activities include, but are not limited to:

• activities organized to expose the feelings of slander, humiliation, harm, abuse, threat, insult or harassment to third parties

• Catalog crimes defined in Law No. 5651

• activities that encourage others to act illegally such as hate crimes, terrorism and child pornography

• racist and other improper activities that enter into the unfair, vicious, mischievous, third person’s private life

• activities organized to imitate the identity of a third party

• activities in the form of unethical use or harm to minors.

In the event that Customer declines a record of CryptoWeb or deletes it within the first thirty (30) days after registration, it may deprive KriptoWeb of a domain name, either by spam or In cases where it is erased due to its morally inconvenient activities, no refund is made. KriptoWeb’s 3rd person’s domain name, which contains illegal content and / or actions, and the domain name mentioned in his complaint, KriptoWeb reserves the right to apply for all methods of measure within the technical facility. Therefore, the CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that it cannot claim to have a violation of rights.


Customer acknowledges that, after purchase of a domain registration, it is bound by all contracts, rules and policies for each Register, including, but not limited to, Top Class Domain Records and Second Class Field Records.